Millicent Dawson

You Could Have Fooled Fred

"Now this is a part of London noted for its hilly position and its vistas," said the guide, "and there for instance, you can see the clock tower of the Edward­ian town hall—"

"Hold on," said Fred, "you could have fooled me if I'd only been listening, but I been looking as well, and that's no clock tower."

"Eyes the other way, if you please," said the guide, who was a walloping great woman who didn't like anyone not paying proper attention.

But Fred resigned from the Hamp­stead tour and introduced himself to a vista he much preferred to clock towers. It was London model MILLICENT DAWSON and Fred being so polite as well as raising his hat, they had a coffee together and then visited the Hamp­stead funfair.

Fred got stuck on the Dodgems and Millicent went off to audition for a commercial in Barbados. While Fred was still going round and round Millicent won through.