Sara Scott

Very Neat

Tidy, too, are SARA SCOTT’S attractive frills as she sets about the morning chores.

This way (says Sara) I keep my hem dust-free and still look very much the glamour girl— I hope. After all, the days when we went around the house in a dust-cap and a sugar-sack apron are gone for good. A girl likes to feel she can wield a broom or a mop looking her best.

But what are you doing on the floor?

I belong (says Sara wickedly) to the domestic chorers trade union, which positively lays down rigid rules about taking a rest anytime we feel there’s a danger of wearing ourselves out.

Are you in danger of wearing yourself out?

Not I (says Sara). I’m too young to need the same amount of rest as most of us, but rules are rules and a girl wrapped up in her domestic chores has to stick to them, don’t you think?

All we think is that you look very cute.

Thank you. You’re not so bad yourselves, either.