Patsy Rowlands

How We Do It

How do we do what?

How do we find such adorable girls? Fellers keep on asking us that. They suspect we go out with a kind of adorable-girl divining rod, and that if we'd only lend them this rod for a week-end they wouldn't half be grateful.

It's all done by kindness, really. Adorable girls ring us up and make enquiries about modelling and we're so kind to them that they can't resist coming along to sit for us.

Like PATSY ROWLANDS, for instance. Our photographer was ever so nice to her. What a sweetie, thought Patsy. Actually, Patsy is so sweet herself she can't help looking for the best in others. She's another girl who works in an office, but most of her spare time is spent painting, sketching and horse-riding.

She's eighteen, is five feet six and measures 36-23-36.