Faith Pattinson

Dedicated Faith

There are large numbers of elephants roaming around places like India, which sometimes makes it a dicey business crossing a road. Elephants don’t observe road rules any more than motorists do in some places. You get an instinct for avoiding action in respect of vehicular traffic, however, which enables you to survive the unpredictability of drivers. But it's different when you’re up against elephants.

Elephants seem dedicated to the pleasure of steaming ahead, irrespective of who's in the way. Once they've got their trunks down and their legs working on all systems go, their dedication to a straight line is heart-stopping. Talking about heart-stopping, we know a girl who makes ours go boompety-boomp, and she's dedicated too. Her straight line of dedication is that which leads to where she wants to go as a straight actress—the top. Her name is FAITH PATTINSON, she’s had stage parts and film parts, she lives in London and we have a feeling about her that we’ve never had about elephants. We have a feeling that elephants are just a load of crash-bang-wallop and that Faith is quite different.