Lisa Casala

Watch What Birdie ?

There was lush dolly LISA CASALA on one side of the camera and Willy Boodle on the other. And Lisa was telling him to watch the birdie.

Willy did. What a peach, he thought. Big brown eyes and all. He went quite faint and when his passport photograph was developed it looked like a dose-up of a fragile hop-picker who'd been at the malt.

Lisa lives in Dorset. She likes the occasional camerawork.

On either side of the lens she's a beaut.

Willy didn't think his passport photograph would pass. So, he made six more appointments.

"One should be enough if only you don't go all quivery," said Lisa.

"I hope you don't think I've got malaria," said Willy, "I just suffer from susceptibility."

"Fascinating," said Lisa as she ushered him out.