Rosanne Stuart

What’s the alternative if you don’t like apples?

The old maxim that an apple a day keeps the doctor away is based on common sense and has no connection with those stories that old wives tell each other.

But what happens if you want to keep fit, healthy and vital and you don't like apples?

Quite simple. If you're already fit, healthy and vital you take regular rambles out-of-doors. You combine the intake of fresh air with the pursuit of exercise, disdaining the temptation to walk around obstacles and leaping light-footedly over them instead. Rather in the way that ROSANNE STUART does—and who do you know who looks fitter, healthier and more vital than Miss Stuart?

Rosanne, secretary to a Scottish industrial tycoon, also looks so lovely amid all that outdoor boscage that we asked her not so much what made her fit as what made her so beautiful.

“I keep on eating apples," said Rosanne.