Penny-Club West Berlin

Some Men Have All The Luck

It happened in the Penny-Club in West Berlin. The Penny-Club is where the night life is full of froth and fun.

The guy who had all the luck was the feller who compered the leg competition, inviting girls from the audience to participate and try for a breath-taking prize.

In case you’re not quite with us, he’s the one with the measuring tape.

“I think this is a gag and I’m not sure what I’m going to tell my boyfriend. No, he’s not the one with the wide shoulders, he’s the one who’s home in bed with shingles. His nerves are all to pieces and so are mine. Ooh, you’re tickling. "

“Oh, look, I don't really want a prize, I only went in for it because Gerda talked so fast to me. It’s the last time I’m going to let her talk to me at all. She’s all right, she’s sitting over there laughing her head off. Oh, but I haven’t really won, have I! Well, I never. Now then sailors shout show a leg I shan’t have such a complex.”