Mary Graham

Daddy Long- legs

You must have heard of “Daddy Long- legs” turned into a very successful play and musical, but if you haven't heard of the feminine equivalent in the shape of MARY GRAHAM, then this is where we bring you up-to-date.

Mary not only has long legs; she also has lovely legs. Plus, a flashing smile and a cute walk which makes bus conductors—and others—whistle.

Mary, naturally, is proud of her long legs — what girl wouldn’t be? but will not commit herself about bus conductors. All she will say is that any bus conductor who likes her leggy walk enough to whistle is the kind of man who should certainly be a conductor in preference to a driver.

Drivers, says Mary—and others—are there to keep their eyes on the road, while conductors are only there to keep their eyes on their passengers. If they whistle after me when their bus passes (says Mary) who am I to decry their taste and discrimination?