Mary Graham

Mary, Mary 

Repeatedly the recipient of readers’ eulogies is bonny MARY GRAHAM, lovely young lady from Ayrshire. One of our most popular Scottish models, Mary comes up looking better every time she appears, and if this is because she probably has the shapeliest legs North of the Border we wouldn’t be surprised.

Along with the attractiveness of Mary’s pretty legs goes Mary’s sunny smile.

These pictures of Mary should either prove the point for doubting judges or confirm it for those in no doubt at all.

We hope to see more and more of Mary in 1963, in which case these should be the first of 1963 's many.

Mary Graham

Merry Mary

Girl with the bright smile is MARY GRAHAM, introduced to us by our Scottish photographer as one more bonny beauty from North of the Border. If ever we decide to emigrate we know for sure which direction we'll take. We shan't go as far as Greenland, for the Eskimo girls are too wrapped up in their igloos.

Just North of Edinburgh will be far enough. Not the least of the good things which originate in Scotland is the cute appeal of Scottish girls, and we’re all for appeal as cute as merry Mary’s.