Dawn De Vere

Last Day of Winter

It’s all right now, isn’t it, with you pushing your hot toes through the warm sand and Essie soaking up the sun in her incalculably radiant bikini.

You’re all hot.

So to bring a touch of coolness cast your mind back to the last day of winter when it was perishing cold and nobody thought anything of spring being just around the corner. We thought it might strike at the roots of your sun-charged complacency if we showed you what the last day of winter was like to DAWN DE VERE, Essex secretary.

Dawn simply loves the outdoors, except when the last day of winter turns out to be as chilly as this one. Only an inborn outdoor type could put up with it all.

But don’t be put off. If Dawn can smile in a temperature of zero, so can you. All you need do is to wear a fur coat and stoke up your metabolism.