Barbara Welsh

Golfing Marvel

What a life. All hot sun, green links and a perishing little white ball. Right, thought BARBARA WELSH, this is it, then. I did a 94 on the first hole last week, and if I can take eighteen putts today instead of twenty I'll do a 92.

And with that she hauled her clubs out of the car boot and went and attacked everything in sight — tees, bunkers, natural hazards and that perishing little white ball. In her mini she looked a marvel.

Barbara has never been a girl to let anything beat her, although there was one time when she got wrapped around by a wayward garden hose and flung into the asparagus bed.

She isn't going to let the frustrations of golf mess her about. But she could improve her grip a bit. For a right-handed girl she's got the most complicated left-handed grip.

This is Barbara lining up her putt. Why don't more girls in minis play golf?

Because, said Barbara, that perishing little white ball makes all girls want to scream.

Incidentally, she's eighteen and an ex-Tiller girl, and even if her golf could be improved, she still looks a lovely marvel at the game.