Helen Baxter

Anyone Looking

It’s a bit of a problem when you want to change your dress in the back of a car, for there’s always the possibility that some knickerbockered bird watcher may be looking or so thought HELEN BAXTER.

And when you have changed, isn’t it just absolutely ridiculous to find your dress caught up in the car door and that tweedy-headed B.W. twittering at you over the hedge

Helen Baxter

Game & Set

Mad about tennis—and pretty hot at it, too—is HELEN BAXTER, lively and lovely Scots lass. Here Helen swings a nifty racquet to keep in trim, and Helen is a girl who looks good when she's in trim, for that adds up to the curvaceous outline of 39"-24"-38". And it doesn't alter whether she's playing a backhand or a forehand.

That dream of a shot sent the ball over the bank, and a climb over the bank is easier in shorts than frills—but you wouldn’t get a better picture. Helen is twenty-two and is all set to beat up her opponents in her local club tournaments.

In the mixed doubles we’d rather be with her than agin her—some guy is going to be lucky. But we’re sorry for those on the wrong side of the net.

Well, Helen is delightfully feminine, but if you stopped one of her overhead smashes between the teeth, your dentist would have one heck of a time putting your molars back in again. Isn’t the girl the bonniest lass?