June Palmer

This is Glamour

No model has hit the glamour headlines with greater impact than lovely JUNE PALMER, one of our consistent top pops. June is the perfect answer to the fallacy that gentlemen prefer blondes.

June, a London girl, is a full-time model and loves every minute she spends in front of a camera. She is, in fact, a perfect pin-up in every way.

June Palmer

More, Please!

In response to requests from fans smitten by the engaging fascination of June in a sweater, we have devoted this particular series to a white sweater trimmed with dark blue. June wears it with the confidence of a beautiful girl who knows she can do it shapely justice. There is, we feel, just enough sweater and just enough June.

No current model is more popular than lovely JUNE PALMER, and not only on account of her beautiful brown eyes!