Louise Burton

Some Birds Fly Away

There was Sir James in his deerstalking outfit and there at the gate was a beautiful bird. In his deerstalking gear Sir James naturally never went after birds, as it wasn't ethical except when he was wearing his grouse get-up.

However, any man would be a fool to commit himself to ethics as inelastic as that.

"Gad," he muttered, "a young dear is as good as an old doe any day, never mind if me suit is inappropriate."

He doffed his hat and bowed. The beautiful bird looked up, Sir James heard a swish of wings and there she was, flying away.

Some birds always fly away when aristocracy gets too close. You can't trust those pent-up deerstalkers. LOUISE BURTON is just such a bird, and Sir James didn't need his binoculars to see she was a beautiful one.

Louise lives in Brighton, spends the summers on the beach and her holidays in Spain. The matadors out there don't half give the bulls what for when Louise is around.

"Cor, what a life," panted Ferdinand, "I wish she'd go away."

Louise Burton

Drama Student

One of our newest pin-up favourites is LOUISE BURTON, who lives in Brighton, Sussex. The Prince Regent would have invited Louise to all his festive occasions in the Pavilion.

Louise is a drama student. She's keen to go on the stage. We're keen to see her on the stage. Well, actually, we don't mind where we see her just as long as we do. Day by day Louise commutes to and from her drama school and she's so popular with the male students that if she misses a class they go all moody and start doing Hamlet.

Moody soliloquies, of course, are the life and breath of every male student in every drama school. That's better than jumping off a bridge.