Diane McCall and Jackie Leyton


Last time we introduced gay girls JACKIE LEYTON, and DIANE McCALL, and here we continue the series.

The liveliness of bright young things like Jackie and Diane is inexhaustible, and no doubt as bonny Scots they get all their energy from porridge. We’re not sure if Aunt Esther would be all that delighted about them jumping over the furniture, but as she’s at the local whist drive let ignorance be bliss.

Diane isn’t taking a rest on the floor. To tell you the truth, Jackie tripped her, and the floor just came up and hit the pretty brunette.

Fair’s fair. To even things up Jackie fell flat on her face. We missed the shot, thus saving Jackie a lot of embarrassment, and made do with this one instead. Well, it makes a gracefully leggy finale, don't you think?