Peggy Smith

French Maid

When PEGGY SMITH of Middlesex was working in France to perfect her French grammar, she helped out as a maid to one family. She got herself a very oo-la-la maid's uniform and the head of the family was utterly delighted with the result.

Not so Madame. She said either the maid would have to go or she would. The master thought about it, then made his decision. Madame, outraged, went home to mother. Mother sent her back. She arrived when Peggy was serving French sauce and looking delicious. Madame compromised and Peggy changed her oo-la-la uniform for a boiler suit, which wasn't half so pretty.

Peggy Smith

Time Off from the Office

London secretary PEGGY SMITH uses the springtime and the adjacent countryside to breathe in lots of fresh air.

Peggy commutes daily to and from her office, and to keep going and still look attractive as well as efficient what's more re-invigorating than bags of fresh air free from the dust of London?

In week-end dress and filmy frills. Peggy is cutely complementary to the spring sunshine, and it all helps to take her back to the office on Monday morning with a smile. It also helps her to see off the week’s work without coughing her way through Thursday and Friday.

Peggy is 20. is pretty good as a secretary and pretty attractive as a girl, and if her expression above is indicative of a sudden realisation that she forgot to get her boss to sign his post last Friday evening, well, that can happen to anyone, can’t it?