Kim Scott

Flying Tonight ?

Joe Binglewood is so lucky he ought to be prohibited. He was coming out of the shop eating his fish and chips when he stepped on the foot of a tall picturesque dolly who was in the ravishing category.

Which is to say she was all long legs and curves. Joe was full of chips and it took him six swallows before he could start apologising.

"It's quite all right," said KIM SCOTT, "it's only my foot and I'm sure the numbness will have gone by next week"

Joe had never trodden on the foot of such a lovely bird as Kim, which just shows how lucky he really is. Kim is an air stewardess with the most vibrant personality. It sort of makes you quiver, unless you go in for bicycles and your mother won't let you meet girls. In which case the pleasure of flying tonight with a girl like Kim and having her top up your coffee cup, is something you ought to talk seriously about to your mum.

Kim is our idea of how to fly from London to Pompala in transported fragility. The more you see of her the weaker you get.

Where's Pompala, by the way?

Who cares?

Kim Scott

Flying Swinger

Air stewardess KIM SCOTT is what you call a flying swinger. She's up, up and away week after week from London Airport, and all her passengers consider her the most swinging stewardess they ever clapped their international eyes on.

Kim lives in Middlesex and in between her flights comes down to earth to enjoy the peace and quiet of life.

She says that's what a girl needs to do after flying all over the place, otherwise you can fall apart.

Kim with her long legs is still a devotee of the mini and if you can think of anything which would make her look lovelier when she's out shopping for antiques, keep it to yourself. It's bound to be something she couldn't wear without collecting a crowd.

Kim Scott

Home For A Day

It had been a busy year for KIM SCOTT.

Kim is an airline stewardess and it had been all go from January to December. She seemed to have hardly touched ground. It was lovely for the passengers as few stewardesses can serve coffee as engagingly as Kim, but for Kim it was definitely all go.

But we managed to catch her when she was home for a day.

In her flat in Middlesex, not far from London Airport,

Kim spent the day being all domestic.

It was all go again.

One day Kim is going to retire and put her feet up for a year. Anyone like to spend the time running around for her?