Cathy Meadows

Never Mind Who Wears the Trousers

There's a lot of it about. A lot of talk about the full emancipation of women and how it's their turn to wear the trousers for the next ten thousand years.

But never mind who wears the trousers, the fact is CATHY MEADOWS wears a lovely pair of boots. She could kick a lot of fellers around in these but wouldn't dream of it. She's deliciously feminine, as a matter of fact, and doesn't think trousers and braces would suit her.

Cathy is a Yorkshire girl, and has just left college to work in an office and study her prospects. In her spare time, she's taking a modelling course. There's always room for one more model as good-looking as Cathy.

Maria Howell

Model Maria

Dark and vivacious MARIA HOWELL is a model with a mission. To make enough money to retire to sunny Spain.

Maria knows all about Spain. Part-Spanish herself, she’s worked both in Barcelona and Madrid.

Now she’s back in England, working hard, saving hard, and dreaming of the day when she’ll return to the land of oranges and ole! (And what about the matadors?)

Linda Crosby

Take a Letter

THE day-to-day routine of pretty LINDA CROSBY consists of taking dictation from her boss, for Linda is a shorthand-typist. She is also photogenic enough to be a glamour girl, but for the moment is quite happy working at the office and taking life as she finds it.

Linda is eighteen, is a Lancashire girl and with statistics of 36-23-36 looks naturally good in a sweater. At 5' 7” tall she admires men who are six-footers, and as far as types are concerned it’s Latin for preference.

Probably her Latin preference stems from the fact that Linda has worked in Spain, and there is nothing quite like the courtesy those matadors out there extend to English girls. It makes a girl feel real good.

So, any time you should meet Linda yourself remember you'll go down as quite a type yourself if you can manage a little Castilian courtesy. You won’t have to fight a bull. Mainly, it's a few old world bows and a kiss or two on the hand. Cor!

Valerie Hooton

Hubbies Hobby

Some husbands go off to football matches on Saturday afternoons, but Val's husband stays home to photo-graph her. What a way to make Saturday afternoons full of light and joy. Better than all that mud flying about and somebody bashing you over the head on the way out.

Some husbands have the oddest hobbies, like stripping wallpaper or collecting whizzbangs. (Whizzbangs are fiery blondes whom they hide in the garden shed hoping their wives won't notice).

Well, now, isn't it lovely that VALERIE HOOTON has a husband with the most ravishing hobby? His hobby is Valerie. What a smashing feller. What a hubby, what a hobby.

Val's ambitions, apart from maintaining her position as hubby's hobby, are to travel extensively and to learn to ski. Imagine all that lovely snow and sun, and Val as well.

Val has a hobby of her own. Frank Sinatra. Only on records, of course. And she likes eating out. That's not a hobby, however, that's a way of life.

Housewives have stopped being mere wielders of brooms. Now they're sexy and glamorous, like Val. Before she was married Val used to be a secretary. Now she's a housewife, a mother and an absolute doll. Naturally, you'd all like to have a hobby just like Val, but you need to be tall, dark and handsome, of course.

Julie Scott

Lingerie Look

The lingerie look is one that certainly suits JULIE SCOTT. As for colour, you can take your choice of black or white. Julie herself prefers to put the accent on sophistication in black.

But, being delightful to know as well as lovely to look at, Julie compromises in black with a touch of white.

Personally, we think the colour is immaterial— it’s the design that counts. Julie’s original design is blueprinted at 36"-24"-36".

Jane Paul

Bon Voyage

If we haven’t put you in the picture before apropos the purpose currently in the mind of JANE PAUL, auburn-haired lass from Scotland, then let’s tell you now that Jane is set on making a two-year tour of the world. She’s a secretary and wants to work her way from capital to capital of all the most exciting countries that so far, she’s only seen in travel brochures.

Naturally, we wish her bon voyage but not without some regret, for two years is a long time and we’re among the many people who’ll miss having her around. You can’t just raise your hat in farewell to a lass as curvy as Jane and think no more about her.

Ann Williams

Pop Singer

Petite ANN WILLIAMS it only 5' 3” but every inch is brimming full of talent for Ann is a pop singer all set to make herself easy on the ear of every disc fan. Ann knew what she wanted to be when she was only two, for at that age she was singing to customers in shops, where her mother sat her on the counter while she searched for pink hair ribbon— or should we say pink ribbon for fair hair?

Judy Russell

Dolly Girl 

Fashions aren't going to make any difference. The 1970's are still going to be remembered for the impact made on life by the dolly girls. The reason for this, Hutchinson, is that by 1951 girls had awakened to the realisation that the bikini had masterminded them into superiority.

After the advent of the bikini, boys no longer wanted to grow up and be engine- drivers. They just wanted to grow up so that they could have a bikini girl all their own. From the bikini girl there graduated the dolly girl who dominated the 1960 s. And she came to stay.

We know a gorgeous one called JUDY RUSSELL, who lives in London and is going to remain brilliantly im- pactive whether she's in a mini or a midi. We're not too sure ourselves. If all that lovely dolly girl disappears under a heap of clothes that reach to her calves, where's the impact?

"It's in the way we'll keep you guessing," said Judy, a short hand- typist in the City of London.

Elizabeth Gallacher

Scots Girl 

Not less than super is the way her fans think of ELIZABETH GALLACHER, Scots girl with the looks to take your mind off railway engines and give you wistful dreams.

Christine Frances

Travelling Model

Girl who gets around is model CHRISTINE FRANCES. Her professional assignments take her here, there and everywhere. It's a jet age made for jet-setters, and Christine spends a lot of her time flying high.

She's got a gorgeous shape, one you can't miss on those glamorous telly commercials, and she makes two of those beanpole fashion models we're glad to say.

Well, with vitalistics of 37-24-36 Christine makes curves count, not angles. Line up two fashion models and you'd hardly know they were there. Put Christine in a bikini and you've got a picture you can't miss.

Candy Norse

Miss American Legs

Don't let's get into any unnecessary arguments about this. Unnecessary arguments always make us come out in hot flushes and either we have to go and see a doctor or punch our way out of it.

The fact is, statistics prove that the women of all nations have equally good legs but the legs of American women are more equal, like. For many years a pair of American legs in a pair of American nylons made men fall off bridges all over the world. It was what came of not looking where they were going because they didn't care where they were going.

Miss CANDY NORSE of San Jose, California, typifies Miss American Legs and is an eye-shattering example of why those men fall off those bridges.

These, if you'll excuse the emphasis on limbs alone, are Miss Norse's legs. Lovely, aren't they?

She's a secretary in an advertising agency and is the Californian man's idea of how to make an office look like the best years of his working life.

Anne Mattingley

Mind The Steps

It’s ANNE MATTINGLEY who’s having trouble with the steps during her week-end choring.

Anne, a bachelor girl, can get tangled with a pair of steps as prettily as any other brunette. If you don’t believe it, send us photographs to illustrate exactly why you don’t.

Nicola Taylor and Joanna Young

Peaches and Pairs

Two peaches make an adorable pair. Especially two peaches like NICOLA TAYLOR and JOANNA YOUNG, happy housewives of Bournemouth who still believe in the mini. From left to right, Nicola is the first peach, Joanna the second.

First Peach:  "I don't know what I'm going to do if the midi does take over. It'll cost me a fortune."

Second Peach: "Me too. And the bus conductors are going to be ever so gloomy."

First Peach:  "Especially the one on the No. 42. He hasn't looked at my face for ages."

Second Peach: "Nor mine. When I came down the stairs.”

First Peach:  Yesterday he said he liked me best in the frilly pink ones I was wearing the day before."  "Well, when Mary Pipkin came down the stairs last week he rang the bell six times and fell off the bus."

Second Peach: "Isn't he a giggle?"

First Peach: "You mean goggle, darling."

Second Peach: "Don't look now but here comes the park-keeper wearing his binoculars."

Jean Stewart

What’s On?

Well, it’s nothing that isn’t on for girls everywhere, it’s a date with a boyfriend. One's only problem if the boyfriend comes into the spectacular class is to ensure making a spectacular impact.

Girl getting ready to dazzle her date is JEAN STEWART, and whether her date comes into the spectacular class or not, we know from sheer diabolical experience that when a pretty girl really tries to slay a guy, the guy can expect that when they do meet in the foyer he’s going to be the one to fall flat on his face.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the reverse. Every time any guy falls flat on his face apropos above it’s a happy indication that he’s susceptible in the very nicest kind of way.

It might hurt but you can live with that kind of hurt.

Jane Paul

Highland Games

Up in places like Braemer they have all those Highland Games each year, and lovely Scottish girls like JANE PAUL are seen around. They make a svelte contrast with all the muscle men. The latter may be able to toss a mighty caber, but Jane can throw a husky six-footer with a mere twinkle of her kneecaps.

"Lassie, would ye no, mind standing farther back?" panted one brawny caber competitor.

"Must I?" said Jane.

"Aye, ye must, lassie, or I'll lose my dynamics and do masel' an injury."

"Oh, dear, everyone's so tense," said Jane, and went away.

Well, you can't mess about with cabers. You've got to be tense.