Janet Payne

The Well-Dressed Girl

Today it is not sufficient for the well-dressed girl merely to clothe herself expensively from head to toe. Today it is not even remotely inspiring to go into any shop and casually order six different outfits a la the latest look from Paris.

Today the well-dressed girl only considers herself well-dressed if she looks not like everyone else but like her friends. Eventually this is bound to produce the same result, with one girl’s friends looking like every other girl’s friends. But at the moment only the brave, bold and beautiful wear the kinky, kooky garments so beloved of the kinky, kooky designers.

One very nice girl we know JANET PAYNE is absolutely crazy about everything kooky, and adores high boots and colourful leg-gear and crazy chapeaux. Janet works in a Newcastle departmental store, and as she commutes to and fro on the buses is a delight to the eye of every conductor.

Cherry Lennox

Don’t Disturb Swotting

Garter-clad CHERRY LENNOX is letting nothing, not even summer holidays, divert her from her swotting, for Cherry dearly wants to graduate with honours from her university.

Dawn Grayson

Girl of Our Times

Considering the millions of girls who are all representative of the absolute fascination of their kind today, it might be difficult for people like geologists and back-room boffins to decide which girl is more representative of our times than all the others.

It's not difficult for us.


Glorious auburn hair, great big eyes, a laugh like the gurgle of a mountain stream and legs so photogenic you can hardly focus proper. That's Dawn. You’ve never seen her before?

Where have you been? Down a gold mine?

Helen Milligan

Do You have Problems?

Do you wake up in the mornings with Swiss cowbells ringing in your ears? Are there still spots in front of your eyes as you walk over London Bridge to your office? Do curt cabbies make you want to spit? Are you driven off your simple nut by the never-ending chat of the insurance man?

Do you collect old pieces of wood and large lumps of timber because you can’t bear to see them littering the countryside?

If so, have a comfy, consoling heart-to-heart with HELEN MILLIGAN, for Helen is a girl without complexes and frustrations and a piece of wood or a large lump of timber is no bother to her.

That’s what comes of being educated at a very exclusive and very expensive girls’ school. It teaches you to approach life with a very clear-cut idea of how to get your picture in the papers. Simply look extremely enchanting in a flowered frock and a frilly petticoat. Don’t have anything to do with mixed-up people who carry some large bundles of firewood.

Penny Lane

How To Be Happy

If you believe the permissive fraternity, one way of not being happy is being married. All it means is that the people who can’t make a go of it themselves think it’s beyond everyone else as well. They make the most noise about it, but a lot of yap is only a lot of yap, it’s not necessarily worth listening to.

PENNY LANE is very happily married, thank you. Her zest for making the most of life includes tackling the job of rescuing a kitten from a high tree. We got there far too late to photograph Penny climbing up and climbing down, but we did get some lovely leggy shots of mini-skirted Penny around the house. Lovely is right all right.

Sylvia Martin

Well It Looks All Right

There’s nothing about a typewriter that isn’t familiar to SYLVIA MARTIN, for Sylvia has seen many of her friends tapping away on one. So, she bought one. She had an idea for the most fabulous novel. All about a girl who finds a formula for turning uranium into gold. So, while the idea was hot she began tapping. And you can see what froze the idea eventually. It was the backache she got. Isn’t she a doll?

Renate Usadel

What Happened to You


What happened?

What, what?

Where did you get to?

I never went anywhere.

No, I mean last night.

Yes, I do too. I never went anywhere.

Oh, thanks very much, very complimentary I must say. I fix to meet you at Willi's Wunder Bar and you decide not to turn up. Well, at least you're not making excuses, at least you're giving it to me straight.

I am so glad you like it straight. When did we decide to meet at Willi’s?

When we were at Fritzi's.

Who is this I am talking to, please?

Otto. Don't say you've forgotten me already, Helga.

Alas, Otto, this is not Helga, this is Renate. I am sorry you have the wrong number but if you would like to make your request on a postcard I will send you an autographed photograph. Otto who?

Otto Ombert and I am now about to drop dead from mortification.

Have a nice funeral.

(Otto’s wrong number was RENATE USADEL, German model and starlet, and you couldn’t really blame him.)

Nancy Collins

Real Frill

Just in case you thought it was papier mâché, NANCY COLLINS wants to emphasise her petticoat is genuine nylon, and every frill is guaranteed to billow.

Nicola Taylor

Design For A Garden

If you don’t care about your garden and any old design will do, you can fill it with broken furniture and call it what you like. Funny thing is, people might fall over themselves to see it and then go away with the dazed look of those who have just seen the ultimate in horticultural architecture.

But if you care genuinely all you need to obtain to complete a garden design that will fill the beholder with delight is a garden seat containing NICOLA TAYLOR. For our money that’s the ultimate.

Elizabeth Gallacher

Have You Seen My Dog?

It was only a small dog, said ELIZABETH GALLACHER, but so adorable and I didn't know he wasn't with me until I got home with an empty lead.

No, it's difficult to describe him, sergeant, and he's hardly got any tail to speak of. And you can’t see his nose. But he does the cutest tricks if you offer him a bowl of redcurrant jelly. Yes, I know it's not the time of the year for fresh red currants but if you’ve got any frozen ones in the station freezer.

Yes, all right, sergeant, you are a dear. We call him Trixie. Well, someone said he was a girl when we first bought him and he was only about as big as a currant bun. So we called him Trixie but he answers to Trix and if you whistle like a squeaky cork coming out of a tight bottle he’ll answer to that as well.

He's black and white. Well, not all over. He’s a bit brown in front. He sits in the window and gets his face tanned.

Thoroughbred What’s that’ He's just a dog. He’s got four legs and all his teeth if that's what you mean. He likes pink slips. No, ladies’. If your wife has got one she doesn't t want.

Thank you, sergeant, you are a pet. You’re a real Trixie.

Sheila Campbell

Pretty Good

You can say that about all kinds of things, like the latest detergent that washes frighteningly white—

“Here, watch it, birdbrain, you look like a ghost.” You can say that the ride from Marble Arch to Haywards Heath was pretty good, except that it was a pity about the traffic. You can say that Joe’s Pull-Up for hungry tramps Is pretty good, except watch out for his chips. You can say mum’s pretty good and the job’s pretty good.

And you can really say that SHEILA CAMPBELL is pretty good. Sheila is pretty and good. She’s eighteen, she’s delightful, she’s Scottish, and this Is her first time before the camera as a Highland pin-up. She’s got a thing about pop music—who hasn’t? —and a thing about going to Majorca for holidays. What we like uncommonly well about her, however, is that she thinks men are just super-duper great.

We’re probably not that good.

Vanda Vane-Dotson

Whose Side Are You On?

If you must know (said tall, willowy VANDA VANE-DOTSON who prefers riding a country horse to taking a town taxi) I’m on the wrong side and trying hard to ge* to the right side before it’s too late.

In some circumstances (said Vanda, who is our idea of a rural-loving debutante) either side can be the right side. It just so happens that the circumstances on this occasion were all bound up with the fact that there was a rather hefty-looking quadruped on my side and he had all the characteristics of a belligerent bull.

Therefore (said Vanda, who drives a whizz of a sports car with verve and application) I knew there was only one side of the fence I wanted to be and that was the other side. I didn’t actually fall flat on my face but I can’t say these tight mini-dresses give a girl maximum composure when she’s in the kind of hurry I was.

Susan Douglas

The Silly Season

Now that winter is here the girls are going in for all kinds of bizarre garments.

A bizarre garment is a garment designed to keep a girl looking kooky and feeling warm. Fashions are at their kookiest at the moment, as you know, what with feather boars and hats like the cowboy’s wear.

Amongst the kookiest girls it's the silly season.

SUSAN DOUGLAS, who is among the most elegant and well-dressed models we know, is also among those who go in for long pants—these are indeed very kooky but marvellously warm.

You can't take umbrage at the dears when they make life so exciting for us. You can always look forward to the time when the silly season is over and they've exchanged their feather boars for parasols and their long pants for bars of chocolate.

Sandra Millward

Winning Legs

It was one of those fiesta nights on the Mediterranean island when they had a competition to find out who had the best legs. Freddie Pinkerton was there and entered on the strength of the local wine. They disqualified him as soon as he rolled his trousers up.

“Geddoudavit!” they yelled in Italian and French.

“Well, I dunno,” said Freddie, “they liked it when I did it at Blackpool.” But they took it more seriously in the Med., and they restricted it to girls only. The winner was SANDRA MILLWARD and here she is.

Freddie took one look, and as his glasses cracked he said, “Okay, I quit, I know when I’m licked.”

Shirley Epps

Lively Lovely

SHIRLEY EPPS is a girl who never gets that one-degree-under feeling. She feels lively and looks lovely all year round. Unlike us—we rarely feel lively and never look lovely. Most times we feel horrible and look even worse.

We must admit, however, that meeting a girl like Shirley never fails to make us feel on top of the world. It’s that supersonic brightness she radiates.

At the moment, Shirley’s working hard as a waitress and saving hard for the fare to Corsica, where she intends to live and work for a year or so. Those lucky Corsicans!