Deirdre Vascoe

Girl of The Future

If you want to keep in touch with the fascinating world of the future, take a look at future-minded DEIRDRE VASCOE.

Deirdre reckons she's just masterminded the simplistic everyday outfit of the future. There'll be no such things as cold temperatures and wet rain to worry about, and girls will just wear boots, futuristic tights and what you might call half a pair of knickers.

Anyone for Mars?

Crystal Farmer

Holiday Romance

When she's out in the sun CRYSTAL FARMER is a real shiner. Next to a romantic midnight-blue sky complete with silver moon, the sun is Crystal's favourite element.

Off to Europe soon, for a summer holiday wander. Crystal is taking a girlfriend in order to outnumber any Latin Romeo who tries to surround her.

Not that she objects to a holiday romance. Just that she likes to get to know a nice feller first and can't stand those who, fat and forty, think they're irresistible to Anglo-Saxon femmes.

And being surrounded by someone fat and forty isn't Crystal's idea of a light-hearted romance.

Elena Richter

The New Typist

There was a frankly dishy girl in the office that Monday.

It was the new typist, ELENA RICHTER.

All the men were quite fascinated because Elena had long and lovely legs and a brief and eye-catching mini-dress.

The office was in West Berlin, Elena being a German girl working her way up towards the position of secretary. She's blonde, blue-eyed and dedicated. A girl must have a career until someone terribly handsome and just a little bit rich comes along.

If the new typist in your own office wears a midi and is even more dedicated, that's your hard luck, of course. And office girls like Elena would only take your mind off your work and you'd miss all that promotion.

Erica Reeves

Swiss Miss

Once upon a time there was a lot of yodelling going on around a mountain village in Switzerland, and that wasn't all. Most of the yodellers were trying to impress ERICA REEVES and the rivalry that went on made the mountains echo like one of those films done in sound spectacular, which make you leave halfway through.

Erica left it all behind to live in the quiet of Sussex. She's been here a few years now, works as a secretary in Brighton, and makes an utterly lovely Swiss miss when she's getting in or out of her car.

Sometimes you can hear a yodel or two around the Sussex Downs. Erica has quite a nice voice herself.

Vicki Munro


Quite enchanted by the modern craze for boots is Scottish lass VICKI MUNRO, trying hers out in the wintry lowlands to make sure they’re weatherproof. Vicki must be weatherproofed herself to look so happy in the cold outdoors! But there you are, Vicki is full of fun and would be an irrepressible tomboy if she weren’t such an undeniably attractive girl. Educated at a well-known public school for girls, Vicki is now a fashion model.

Liz Moore

The Fact Is

Ah, we thought when we saw LIZ MOORE, we bet she's a girl who’s a rave in films, we bet she’s graced many a controversial screen epic where breath-taking psychological problems have only been made bearable by her scintillating presence.

The fact is; however, Liz is a sculptor. Nothing to do with films at all, even though we bumped into her at Shepperton Studios. Well, nothing to do with appearing in them. She works behind the scenes, doing her sculpting for screen sets with inspired talent and making a good job of it at the same time.

How would you like her to come up and sculpt a mermaid for your garden pond?

Anne Duke

Aristocratic Cobblers

Cobblers means codswallop. Codswallop means my eye and Betty Martin. Or drivel. What it all boils down to is that it’s a lot of jazz and junk to imply being aristocratic is indivisible from a pink hat and an Ascot sunshade.

For us ANNE DUKE looks aristocratic all over. Elegant, bewitching and self-assured. Maybe self-designated aristocrats have a butler to help them over a gate to ensure they don’t have trouble with their skirts, but you can’t say an elegant, bewitching and self-assured look doesn’t have an aristocratic aura to it—even when there’s a gate trying to sabotage the elegance.

Anne is Welsh. We don’t know if she can sing but she isn’t half lovely to look at. The man who lives round the next corner to her has gone off his cornflakes and gone on to carrots. He wants to sharpen up his eyesight. “What for?” asked his wife. “Oh, just to make sure I won’t miss anything,” he said.

“What’s anything?” she said. “Oh, you know, birds and flying saucers,” he said.

Joy Bamforth

What’s a Yorker?

Some people think it's what you get at cricket when you lift your bat to a hot one from the fastest bowler the other side have got and it thunders under your bat and makes an unholy mess of your wicket.

There are other yorkers that are much to lovelier. JOY BAMFORTH. for instance.

Joy lives in a Yorkshire village near Barnsley, and that makes her a proper lovely Yorker. She's nineteen, measures 36-23-36 and worked in an office before graduating to the more exciting profession of fashion modelling.

She likes fast, sporty cars and gay, geary boys.

Susan Douglas

Boots for Susan

You can’t beat a pair of thigh-length boots if you want to be looked at this year. They’re in, you know. SUSAN DOUGLAS had to have a pair and be as swinging as the other girls. You can have a hat or a jerkin or a bolero top, but you’re not swinging unless you’ve got boots as well.


Viki Hill


Living on the north side of London is a blonde dolly called VIKI HILL. Viki adores really geary clothes, like long leather boots, slinky nylons and eye-catching suspenders.

Other girls may go for draggy skirts reaching the ground and no make-up except lamp-black, but Viki likes to make the most of her shapely legs and her healthy figure.

What's a healthy figure?

Oh, something that measures up to 36-23-36.

To me, said Fred, that's cuddly.

Well, what's healthier than a cuddle?

Ann Jameson

Mini Motif

Paris may have decreed that hemlines will become longer and longer, but gay leggy girls like ANN JAMESON, London fashion model, are going to fight that decree on a blow-by-blow basis.

The first blow Ann struck was to turn out in her itsy-bitsy mini, which was just about the briefest in town.

It was so brief that Mr. Jarvis Parkinson thought she was wearing a long-sleeved blouse and had forgotten her skirt. With the faintest tinge of embarrassment, he drew Ann aside and said. "Er-pardon me, Miss er-urn-’’

"I'm not Miss Er-Um," said Ann, “I'm Miss Jameson."

"Well-um-pardon me. Miss Jameson, but I wondered-er-if you knew-well, um-the fact is- “

"You’re very kind," said Ann. "but what I don't know I don’t worry about. Ignorance is sweet bliss, isn’t it?"

“Your wonderful, “said Mr Parkinson, “and I just hate having to leave you. but I’ve got a train to catch."

Beautiful Britons No 167 – October 1967

Janet Cooke

Hi, Cheeky

Looking just a little bit cheeky is Hampshire girl JANET COOKE. Janet works in Bournemouth but is hoping to become a photographic model. She has a very trim and fashionable figure measuring 35-22-34, chestnut-gold hair and blue eyes.

Photographers, please note.

Jenny Piper

They’re All So Glamorous

There are a lot of nuts about who think nobody can be happy unless they're writing on walls or sleeping under railway arches. They're the ones who tell you that housewives are cabbages.

Well, we've featured scores of housewives and none of them look like that.

They're all so glamorous.

Here's our latest find, JENNY PIPER.

Jenny is a housewife from Farnborough, Hampshire, she's blonde, bewitching and bubbly.

She was a window dresser for a free-lance display group before she got married, and she worked mainly in the windows of Kensington and Oxford-street stores. It was warm work for Jenny but a treat for the passers-by. She looked a lot more vibrant than the dummies.

Now as a housewife she's a lovely cook and gorgeous to come home to.

Pinky Sands

Gone Fishing

When good old Joe turned up to take PINKY SANDS for a ride on the back of his bike, Pinky was conspicuous by her absence. Good old Joe having been very precise about the time he’d arrive. Pinky had gone fishing. She preferred that to riding on the back of his bike and listening to him talking about his bicycle pump. Pinky got into a little difficulty with her line and hook but it was all a lot more fun than good old Joe.

Vicki Ashley

More Before

Final last fling before the camera before she went off to Australia resulted in more pics of VICKI ASHLEY, and these are some of them.

Very popular as a photographer's model in England, Vicki should do more than well in Australia. She'll show up more in all that hot, bright sunshine and there won't half be a rush for front seats.

What front seats?

On the quayside, we suppose.

But she's going to fly.

Okay, push a few chairs out onto the tarmac, only don't let the madly infatuated ones get in the way of the wheels. They make a mess of you.