Helen Jones

Awake, You Trojans

There's a modern Helen waiting for the Trojans to carry her off.


She made a revelationary impact at the last motor show. Helen of Troy herself couldn't have been more revelationary.

A London model with her eyes on a film career, Helen was delighted when they gave her a part in the film 'Love Variations'. She made an impact in that too. She lives in North London, she's twenty-one and unlike other swinging birds who like fast sports cars, Helen likes walking.

Walking is safer. Accompanying boyfriends can't run out of petrol on a ramble.

"But you can run out of steam," said one feller, "crikey, she can walk your legs right off."

Helen Jones

Music Lover

One of the leading lights of London at the moment is HELEN JONES. She's a genuine swinger. Wherever there's something going on that's at all worthwhile, you can bet your psychedelic pink shirt that Helen will be conspicuously ravishing.

She's a model with a big London agency and appeared in the film 'Love Variations'. That was a genuine swinger too.

Helen is twenty-one, lives in North London and is a music lover. She adores both classical and underground music.

Underground? You mean on a tube train?

"Great tombstones," said Helen "how long have you been dead?"

That, of course, proves that if you don't speak the language of the swingers you might as well spend your time in museums.

Ah well, you can always sort out a nice, sympathetic mummy to talk to.