Bridget Kildare

Sitting Pretty

Sitting very pretty indeed is BRIDGET KILDARE, girl with very distinctive eye appeal in her black boots and brief mini.

Bridget makes a lovely secretary and if you know a more enchanting blonde to go with a desk and a typewriter you must be really living.

At five feet five with vital statistics of 36-23-36, Bridget must just about be everybody's idea of the perfect picture for the camera you had for Christmas.

Linda Clemenes

Linda The Goer

Talking about geary goers, as we were some pages back, how about 18-year-old LINDA CLEMENES of Portsmouth down in lovely Hampshire?

Linda is such a goer that nothing less than a motorbike suits her desire to get up and go at speed. Her motorbike is her great love. There are boyfriends, of course, but mostly they take a back seat on the pillion.

Linda works for her local paper, she has dark brown hair that is fascinatingly ruffled and windswept, and brown eyes that often look browner through her goggles.

Her vitalistics are 37-25-36, and her long legs look extremely geary in her motorcycle boots. Don't get in the way if you see her coming, you'll get caught in her slipstream.

Brigitte Kruger


Star of the stage in West Germany, radiant vision on West German television, delight of the youth of West Berlin who love the image she presents of German vitality, is BRIGITTE KRUGER.

But when it comes to selecting a costume for revelry at a party in West Berlin, Brigitte chose not that of a fair maiden of Bavaria or a beer maiden of Munich, but that of an irresistible maiden of the Naughty Nineties.

And French too.

What, indeed, is more French and has more indefinable Oo-la-la to it than the costume of the Can-Can girl?


Tres smashing.

Jackie Blair

I’ll Be Ready When I’ve Found My Breeches

My horse was stamping at the door (said JACKIE BLAIR) and I was just about ready to take him for a gallop along the banks of the Clyde. Only I couldn't find my breeches.

 I'd found my boots and garters and my warm sweater, but I couldn't find my breeches. I'll be ready when I do find them.

 Only I can't go like this.

 They'll all laugh at me.

Donna Sharp

Sharp Girl

You'll be interested to know that DONNA SHARP isn't just a pretty face. She's a Coventry girl and besides having the kind of looks at which the boys whistle a bit feverishly.

Donna is as cute as a pearl button.

A shorthand-typist with an aptitude for efficiency. Donna can also handle a Mini. A Mini being a real goer, lots of girls find them rather fast, but Donna can manage, thank you.

She's eighteen, measures 36-23-36, is mad about pop music—aren't we all in our different ways? —and while so many others are worrying about the bomb. Donna is finding life can be fun.

If your girlfriend is the kind who's always agitating you into joining demonstrations, why not swop her with somebody else's dolly and have fun yourself?

June Perfect

Selection Perfect

Where could you expect to find a dollier dolly than in a theatrical agency? Well, it so happens that Blodwen Morgan- Jones will bet you a hindquarter of chilled beef—worth a packet of anybody's money—that the really scrumptious dollies are only to be found in the Welsh hills.

"Exactly whereabouts?" said Fred passionately.

"Ah, bach," said Blodwen, "anywhere in the hills, but they only come out at night, look you, for seen in the light of day they'd all be carried off by those rampaging Normans."

She must be living in the primitive past or something. We're living in the present, all cracking fireworks and vibrating dollies.

This one is JUNE PERFECT. She's secretary to a theatrical agent who specialises in auditioning beautiful birds to send to the European capitals as Go-Go dancers. There is, apparently, an unending demand for English Go-Goers throughout Europe.

All the girls are first interviewed by June. Only the best get by.

Her selection is always perfect.

Deborah Stephens

Farmers Help

During the war, the British farmers were helped out by land girls. Since then they've had to rely on volunteers whose love of turnips makes them compulsive week-end land workers.

Whilst not exactly a turnip-fiend. DEBBIE STEPHENS does love farms. At harvest time, she's to be seen actively pitchforking hay. We caught her after she’d finished a day's stint and was changing from an agricultural boiler suit into her going-home outfit. Debbie said if she'd known we were coming she’d have changed behind the hedge.

But we caught her out. as it were, and Debbie looked every glowing inch a farmers' dream help measuring 37-23-36. We took some dishy photographs.

We had a glass of dairy milk afterwards. It was quite intoxicating.

Helen Milligan

Field Day

A field day means you’re having a whale of a time with the whole place to yourself, or that you’re about ten years old and Ma and Pa have come to the school to watch you fall flat on your face midway through the 100-yard sprint. HELEN MILLIGAN was certainly captain of her college hockey team, but hers is the case of having a whale of a time when the farmer had gone to market, and though she wasn’t dressed to play around with a lot of old fuel drums she does look cutely leggy, and those boots are real gear, what? These Scots girls pack a really devastating impact.

Marion Cleer

Home Girl

Poised very domesticatedly against her home background is MARION CLEER, which makes a bit of a change from pent-up dolls waving banners in aid of Germaine Greer or Bubbles Fortescue.

Bubbles Fortescue? Who's she when she’s got a train to catch?

Oh, just a woman mountaineer with a sense of grievance that it's only men who fall off Everest.

Our Marion quite likes men, really. They're not as brilliant as women, of course, but as a home girl Marion hopes one day to settle down with a fairly nice one. At present she's a secretary in Poole, Dorset, and her boss thinks the world of her. Naturally.

She's twenty-one, green-eyed and blonde, and as well as cook books she also loves horse-riding.

Lucy Brock

Girl with a Fascinating Hobby

Some girls make a hobby of good books or flower arrangements. LUCY BROCK thinks good books and flower arrangements have their own place in life, but people interest her far more.

Especially homo sapiens. No, don't get confused, that means people of a genuine masculine gender. The frank fact is, Lucy finds men fascinating. She doesn't actually follow them about but she does like to have them to lean on. It's lovely being a girl, she says. You can lean on them and they expect you to, she says. Her favourite one is tall and dishy, but she wouldn’t mention his name in case other girls were listening.

Ruth Cavendish

Best Foot Forward

Our Scottish photographer tells us that RUTH CAVENDISH is not only beautiful but highly intelligent and extremely cultured. It’s with confidence, then, that we exhort this lovely lady to put her best foot forward when alighting from her car, for she will do so far too intelligently to trip up and far too attractively not to make a perfect picture.

For those who like statistics as much as they like culture, Ruth is eighteen, and fits very nicely into a shapely silhouette of 38"-24"-38". Did you ever see any girl alight so prettily?

Ruth’s ambition is to become a fashion model, and certainly no fashion model we ever saw comes to the job more photo-genically than Ruth could. Of all the bonny Scots we have featured, Ruth is among the bonniest.

Whenever the laurels are awarded for shapely legs Ruth is among the enchanting recipients, and these shots leave us in no doubt she deserves every leaf.

Pamela Johnson


If you want to be with it among the modern misses boots are a necessity these days—if you don’t wear a pair you’re a square. Well, we wouldn’t call PAMELA JOHNSON square under any circumstances, not when she has those curvaceous statistics of 35-22-36.

Pamela hails from Rotherham and we must say she looks an absolute peach in her long black boots—but so she does, anyway.

Pamela at the moment works in an office but has hopes and ambitions to become a model. All we can do is advise her to put her best leg forward and step out

Eve Law

A Dolly out of Doors

A genuine modern dolly is EVE LAW of Bournemouth, and a secretary bird into the bargain.

They don't come more swinging than Eve in her mini. She's a dedicated follower of the Pop scene and what she doesn't know about discs you could tell to Aunt Ethel without confusing her.

There's a lot of serious work to get through in her secretarial job but once the day is over its discotheque time and Eve is swinging. Long-legged at five feet seven she's so much a joy to the eye that there isn't a feller in Bournemouth who wants to go off and join the Foreign Legion.

Nicki Denell

Disco Dolly

It's music all the way for most young people. For some old people, there hasn't been any music at all since the Charleston went out of fashion. Well, we all have our nostalgic periods, and there are thousands already nostalgic about the Beatles.

"Who are the Beatles?" asked six-year-old Francesca of her young mum and dad, and young mum and dad almost broke down and wept.

For eighteen-year-old NICKI DENELL it's today's music that counts. Nicki spends every evening Go-Go dancing with a mobile discotheque. That's the way to swing it, Fred, never mind what it was like when you were in Italy in 1 944.

Nicki's love of pop is only equalled by her ambition to get into films. She's maybe on the way, for recently she had an audition for a part in a movie to be made in Yorkshire. That'll be handy as well as ecstatic for Nicki—she lives in Leeds.

Kathryn Jenkins

Glamour in the Shop

Shop assistant KATHRYN JENKINS is eighteen and saving up to get married. So, in her spare time she does a little modelling, which helps to give a rosy look to her savings account. She lives in Coventry but when she's married she wants to live in the country.

In the shop where she works there's an atmosphere of glamour, what with it specialising in ladies' lingerie and Kathy being around to serve. Sometimes a blushing young husband will come in with the idea of buying his enchanting young wife something lovely and frilly for her birthday. Kathy will say, “Can I help you, sir?”

He'll twitch a bit and say, “Well er—I thought of buying my wife something rather er er—you know—well, it's her birthday and she looks nice in something rather er er—”

“Of course, sir," Kathy will say with a smile to knock him unconscious, “I'll show you something ever so er er, shall I?” And out come all the goodies.

She's a lovely shop assistant and has a stunning figure of 38 -22 -36.