Fifi Martine

But What Will Henri Think?

Ah, said FIFI MARTINE, Paris model, as she modelled the latest ensemble in lingerie a la femme, it is fine for the designers who wish to make the big impact, but what will Henri think?

Henri, of course, is the average Frenchman, of whom the average French girl is passingly fond. They speak the same language for a start.

The designers, said Fifi, say this is what every fashion-conscious Frenchwoman will be wearing at St. Tropez. Ah, it is a point of view most formidable, but it is as well such a fashion is not for the eye because it is so long and I do not think Henri will regard it with the same pleasure as he regards the bikini, no?

Well, you can't deprive any girl of her own opinion and call yourself a democrat. No doubt Fifi suspects the French designers are confused and a little frustrated at the moment, for temporarily they have lost the initiative in the matter of fashion. They don't know whether to ignore Mary Quant or catch up with her. So naturally models like Fifi are becoming confused too. It must be Henri's move.

Lisa Scott

Vintage Year

Year of origin 1945.

That was the year when we all stopped throwing hot lead and sizzling iron at each other and the sexy but militant girls in the Army, Navy and Air Force went happily back to civvy street to forget their militancy and rehabilitate their wriggles.

It was also the year when lovely LISA SCOTT was born. It was a vintage year for babies both beautiful and cuddly. When Charley Grapevine was born the top fell off a mountain somewhere and in the Falkland Islands it rained for six months solid. Charley’s year was non-vintage.

Latterly a secretary, Lisa’s current ambition is to be a successful model, and she’s got a yen for eating candy or washing whiter than white in TV commercials. Well, if we have to have all those soap flakes, let’s have them wrapped around Lisa.

Washing-machines and soap powders are purely utilitarian.

But washing-machines and soap powders and Lisa are delightful. “Mum, come and turn the telly off—dad's temperature’s gone up again.”

Karin Reali

Excuse Me

Caught with a slipped clip as she prepares to alight from her car is KARIN REALI, West German film starlet, wondering, like so many other girls, why nobody makes a car from which a lady may alight without a leg show.

Jackie Taylor

Follow the Girls

One can’t help but follow them these days.

Down the Strand, up Regent Street, down the Mall and all the way along the Embankment.

They’re a joy to the eye and one’s feet hardly notice at all, though the big toes don’t half play up when one at last gets home.

Cast an eye upon JACKIE TAYLOR, for instance. One could follow her from Land’s End to Edinburgh Castle and never notice a single blister.

Here she is against London backgrounds, and the whistles could be heard from every window.

Helen Baxter

Anyone Looking

It’s a bit of a problem when you want to change your dress in the back of a car, for there’s always the possibility that some knickerbockered bird watcher may be looking or so thought HELEN BAXTER.

And when you have changed, isn’t it just absolutely ridiculous to find your dress caught up in the car door and that tweedy-headed B.W. twittering at you over the hedge

Louise Crawford

For Want of a Rocker

What was needed by her parents' fireplace, thought LOUISE CRAWFORD, was a nice rocking-chair. Grandpa had had one and gave Louise rides on his knees when she was a little girl.

Louise still has a yen for a rocker, and for want off one by the fireplace she has to sit on that fur rug. All we can say is that if any decoration goes really excitingly with a fireside fur rug, it's Louise.

She looks good whatever she's doing. She plays a smashing game of tennis and a shapely game of basketball. She's not the best of footballers, however, but she looks gorgeous in her short soccer shorts.

Oh, come up to our sports shop sometime, Louise.

"Not unless I'm wearing my shin-pads," said Louise, "I know you”.

Melanie Darkan

Going Her Way

Now that MELANIE DARKAN has entered that stage of her life where she has to make a career for herself, before she marries a tall lovely man with a fascinating job of his own, she has decided to go her own way rather than be guided into an office vacancy.

Melanie has made up her mind to become a model.

She has the figure. She's 36-23-36. She has the smile and she has the dedication. Modelling school means all kinds of disciplined training, but what's that if it's the way you want it?

Melanie lives in Sheffield, where they make the best knives and forks in the world. It's just cutlery to Melanie.

Nancy Sinatra

New Image for Nancy

Having created one image for herself as a top pop star,

NANCY SINATRA is now being groomed for a different role.

It was those boots which did it. Everyone heard her when she arrived and those who are in business to bring the world to those who want it decided Nancy had what it takes to become a film star.

So, in a new cloak-and-dagger story called “The Last of The Secret Agents,” Nancy will project her new image as a sex kitten. She’ll be seen, for instance, in this outfit made of sexy lace complete with garters and if that doesn’t launch Nancy into an exciting world of film fame it won’t be her fault.

It’ll be because people have gone off garters.

Christine Dovey

Bristol Fashion

Bristol fashion means tip-top and shipshape, which is easily interpreted by a sailor but might need clarifying for the benefit of landlubbers.

For the benefit of landlubbers, then, it means spanking.

First-class Shining bright. The tops.

Bristol girl CHRISTINE DOVEY is all of that.

She's a shorthand- typist, has fashion-conscious statistics of 36-23-35. with ambitions to work on the catwalk.

She loves pop and discotheques and fast cars.

There are lots of tip-top, shipshape girls like Christine in Bristol, which is why the fellers there always look so pleased with things.

Annette French

Beauty On The Bonnet

A well-polished car with all that gleaming chromium and the rest of the gear is just right as a subject for glossy photography, but if you need to gild the lily how about adding ANNETTE FRENCH to the picture?

You might be inclined to suggest the car is superfluous in that case, even if it’s a supercharged model, and in turn we’d be inclined to agree with you. For if you’re looking for the photogenic dream, what’s a chromium-plated bumper compared with a natural beauty like Annette?

Heather Piercy

Designing Dolly

In years to come posterity will have its say about the mini-skirt, but at the moment we’re only concerned with its maddening eye-appeal and how vital and alive the feminine leg seems in it.

Girl who wears her minis very short indeed is London dress designer HEATHER PIERCY, and she wears them this way to please her boyfriend. It goes without saying that all other boys have no objections, either, and Heather can now tell by the particular key in which a wolf whistle is pitched the exact extent of the whistler’s approval. Heather is magnificently and uninhibitedly typical of every mini-skirted dolly of London the difference being that she happens to be a designing one.

She can come and design for us—we have ideas for a country mansion, a villa in Portofino and a yacht in Cannes we’d like her to start on. That should keep her within eyesight for quite a while. We don’t know what we’d do with the designs, but we’d worry about that later.

Nicky Weston

Have Yen, Will Travel

Fashion and photographic model NICKY WESTON has one ambition above all others, and that’s to travel all over the world in her work. Nicky is just twenty and like so many fashion models can be seen adding glamour to the motor racing circuits. She also looks cool on a gee-gee, being uncommonly addicted to hacking.

Teri Alexander

How Delightful

She took a course of social psychology last winter and she’s got eyes the colour of the deep green sea, and what with that and the fact that she doesn’t half know how to make the most of a crepe suzette, she’s naturally the girl we’d most like to be psychological with.

Her name, as if that mattered, is TERI ALEXANDER and we’ve fallen down four flights of stairs for girls only half as good-looking. It’s all part of the process of living. If you’re not susceptible to the witchery of women you shouldn’t be here. It hurts, of course, but the dreams are delightful.

Before she joined a fashion, house Teri worked as a secretary. She used to live in Manchester. Now she lives in London.

Swingy, isn’t she?

Who wants to join the Bengal Lancers these days?

Crystal Farmer

Holiday Romance

When she's out in the sun CRYSTAL FARMER is a real shiner. Next to a romantic midnight-blue sky complete with silver moon, the sun is Crystal's favourite element.

Off to Europe soon, for a summer holiday wander. Crystal is taking a girlfriend in order to outnumber any Latin Romeo who tries to surround her.

Not that she objects to a holiday romance. Just that she likes to get to know a nice feller first and can't stand those who, fat and forty, think they're irresistible to Anglo-Saxon femmes.

And being surrounded by someone fat and forty isn't Crystal's idea of a light-hearted romance.

Irene Oberzig

Tres Tricky

There was once a feller called Buck Upp who tried to drink a quart of beer out of a Christmas balloon but it blew up in his unprepared kisser and squirted light ale all down the neck of his hunting shirt.

There was also the girl in the skirt and Hungarian petticoats who said “I bet I can squeeze through a small hoop feet first in five seconds.” And she did but it took a lot longer than five seconds and she didn’t half look pretty.

People like to try things the tricky way, it’s a bit of a gamble that we all enjoy. For instance, the trickiest place in which to change a pair of nylons is the driving seat of a car. West Berlin fraulein, IRENE OBERZIG, tried it and proved it.

She could have gone into her office and used the powder room and changed in comfort, but no, in the tradition of Buck Upp and the man who tried to lasso an elephant with his braces, Irene used the front seat of her car. Oh well, they will do it.

What made her fall down afterwards?

It was all that cramp.