Sara James

See You At The Circus

It was Frank on the phone. SARA JAMES, Kensington dolly bird, was trying to sell him off the idea of becoming an elephant trainer. She thought he was too eligible to spend all his time with elephants.

"Okay, "said Frank, "listen. I'll try the trapeze, I often feel like flying about after a day selling insurance."

"No, don't do that," said Sara, "you'll only fall off."

"Tell you what," said Frank, "if I do fall off I'll pack it up and we’ll do a safari from London to Istanbul, how about that?"

"Lovely," said Sara.

"Agreed,” said Frank, "see you at the circus, then."

So, they met at the circus and the management let Frank try his trapeze potential. He fell off as soon as he got on. He was still dizzy when they went off on safari to Istanbul and after a whole day's travelling they were still going around Piccadilly Circus.

Sara got off at midnight and went to a club with Nigel.

A girl can only stand so much.

Lisa Linette

Cute Canuck

Girls all over the world are cute simply because they’re born that way, and you naturally allow for a few unholy errors or terrors. High in the rankings appertaining to those who are the cutest come the Canadian girls. Living as they do in that great, wild, untamed, pine scented, maple endowed land of forests and lakes, they’ve got something you can’t get in the atmosphere of the Mersey Tunnel, say.

There's LISA LINETTE, for instance.

Lisa is a dancer from Vancouver and besides being cuter is also much more fascinating than any of those engagingly playful bears that pop out at you from trees all over Canada. No, the Canadian bears are darlings, really, and breathtakingly huggable, but show us any grizzly who looks as cute as Lisa when doing up its garter, and we still wouldn’t believe you.

Lisa will be over in Europe in 1965, where she’ll dance her way round the old-fashioned capitals, and if you want to know what sort of shape to look for Lisa comes very curvily in a size of 36"-22"-36". Oh, and if you want to make any kind of a hit with her, remember that her hobbies are golf, ice-skating and music.

Julie Marsden

Cross-Country Charmer

You wouldn’t think this trim, slim charmer was a cross-country champ, would you—or would you? Her name is JULIE MARSDEN and she’s won any number of trophies running miles and miles over the countryside in all weathers, without looking anything but engagingly feminine. In fact, Julie is very feminine and when she isn’t in her track suit she likes to wear all the frills that the ultra-feminine girls do wear.

We caught up with Julie when she was out surveying the route for one more cross-country run. She was picking her way over the roughest ground and looking delightfully leggy about it. It was a sure way of proving with our camera that our girl athletes don’t look like Amazons but just like the pretty girls next door.

Sally Randall

She Can also Dance

It’s a fact that SALLY RANDALL not only looks absolutely delightful in black lingerie, and that she can not only cook, she can also dance.

Sally, it happens, is a dancer of no mean merit. We accept that information with pleasure. We’ll settle anytime that’s convenient for the cooking.

Norma Gordon

Gang Awa

The fact is, sultry NORMA GORDON, Scottish beauty queen, was in the Highlands one day and over the border the next. Reason? She had a date with a handsome Yank—the kind of date she just couldn’t miss. The day before we took these photographs he proposed and the day after Norma went and married him. She kept it so dark we didn't even have time to buy her a blue garter to wear.

We should have guessed something big was cooking, for Norma was so absent-minded at this sitting she fell off the sofa twice. The fact that she came up smiling on each occasion should have given us an added clue. This whirling pirouette she executed for the sheer joy of it, and we still didn't realise why.

We presume that was because we’re not currently madly in love ourselves. Oh, youth—oh, springtime—oh, vanished vitality and aching backs. Oh, that lucky Yank.

Jan Newman

Story of a Dream

It was night. Well, it was all dark, anyway, and Fred was in bed. And solidly immersed in a dream about fishing boats.

When Fred is solidly immersed his mind is totally unimaginative.

Far removed from boats and fish is our kind of dream. Her name is JAN NEWMAN. She lives on the South Coast and is a sun worshipper. If, when you are deep in sleep, you can dream about a dream like Jan, then you'll have a far more sublime period of floating sub-consciousness than silly old Fred.

Don't ask us how.

Perhaps it's just a matter of artistic concentration and the right kind of night-cap.

Jan is a secretary, a richly corn-coloured blonde with the loveliest legs. If you like elegance, you whistle. If you like dumplings, go home to mother.

Sometimes even elegance takes a tumble. Still, it was entirely involuntary. Jan thought there was a chair there. Never mind, it does prove our point, that she really does have the loveliest legs.

Sally Anne

Sally Anne

Beckenham is a pleas­ant place just outside suburban London in the boundary of Kent, and it's just like other pleasant resi­dential spots in its quota of attractive housewives. One of them is SALLY ANNE, who enjoys being an efficient housewife and an amateur mod­el. Sally's husband is a keen photographer and in return for doing the washing-up he gets his own re­ward—in the shape of Sally posing for him. The results, as seen here, are worth clean­ing the carpets as well.

There is something rather fetching about a wife who assists her hubby's hobby by looking as pretty as this. We should like to add, of course, that while hubby is an enthusiastic cameraman, his main hobby—nat­urally—is Sally herself. Well, any man with a wife as photogenic as this would be somewhat off his nut if he didn't give her precedence.

Anytime you're around Becken­ham just look out for the girl with the golden hair—and if she's got a long plait to it, that's Sally Anne.

The reflection of Sally in the mirror is a sure sign that twin views of the attractive housewife are always better than one.

Anne Stewart

When you’re not too busy

We were talking to secretary ANNE STEWART, who’s a camera enthusiast, and trying to persuade her to find the time to come on over and take some colour films of our dahlias.

And Anne said she didn’t know we grew dahlias and the sickening thing was we were too embarrassed by the truth of the matter to recover from our foolish clanger. Our window boxes are full of mustard-and-cress and nothing else. In a kind of mumble, we said it was only our way of asking her to come and share a pot of tea with us. There are some girls so bemusing to one’s eyes and ears that one can’t help not being one’s usual brilliant self in the company. It’s all to do with a strange numbness that takes hold of one. Beauty casts it’s wondrous spell and mumbling incoherency is upon one. All that clear, scintillating wit departs, never, it seems, to return.

Anne, who loves to travel, is saving up hard to buy her own car and drive herself all over Europe.

She'll be taking her teddy bear for company and her binoculars for security. She'll be able to spot the Casanovas a mile off. Casanovas are the men who ask a girl who's a camera enthusiast to come on up and take colour films of their dahlias. Etchings went out with the flapper.

Cherie Scott

Sugar and Spice

You’ve all heard about what little girls are made of. Big girls are rather nicely put together too. Scottish secretary CHERIE SCOTT is all grown-up and absolutely delicious. Like all the most endearing representatives of her fascinating sex, she loves finding out in the kitchen. Her recipes are guaranteed, when the end product emerges, to make a man all sweetness and light.

 Sugar and spice in Cherie’s kitchen are a must. Sugar for the tastiest cookies, spice for the most mouth-watering savouries. How people can worry about what’s next on the telly when life can be made wonderful by having a good cook around, is beyond us. And when the cook is as bewitching as Cherie, you can even forget about the bomb.

Janet Scowen

Secretarial Type

Working as a secretary in West Germany is English girl JANET SCOWEN, who combines photogenic charm with efficient stenography. We don’t know who her boss is, but he’s a lucky guy to have a girl like Janet around the office five days a week. Can’t imagine anyone we’d rather see pounding a typewriter than Miss Scowen.

The background is probably the Black Forest. Well, if that’s so, they never found anyone more shapely than Janet to set it off, nor anyone who could leg it around the place with more graceful limbs than she has, mmm ?

Adrienne Ross

It's a Long Story

Ulster model ADRIENNE ROSS has a ‘long’ story to illustrate in her new-style old-style underwear, and the theme is clinging comfort.

Either you like the theme—or you wouldn't be seen dead in it. Other than that, there's very little to say. Which makes the ‘long' story very short indeed!

Sheila Baker

Nice to Have Around

Graceful, photogenic housewife is SHEILA BAKER and very nice indeed to have around the place. For what more could one want in any wife as pretty as Sheila and with culinary talents that would win approval from Mrs. Beeton herself?

This is Sheila’s favourite cat, with big green eyes and long, long whiskers. Maybe it’s nice to have a cat around, too, but if we were given a choice between one or the other it would be bye-bye moggie.

Tina Ryatt

Getting Down to It

Gorgeous girl with the sweeper is beauty queen TINA RYATT.

 Cute in her waisted petticoat, Tina isn’t just an ornament around the house she’ll take a hand with the chores any­time. Here on the right, for instance, she’s really getting down to it al­though we can’t think why she’s looking so surprised unless she can hear the patter of hobnailed feet up the chimney.

 We were wrong there. Tina was merely losing her balance. Well, that’s prefer­able to losing your head, as Charles I found out, for you can always do some­thing about a bruise. But once you’ve lost your head, what’ve you got left?

Tina is a Flintshire girl, with statistics of 36-23-36, is eighteen and has night black hair and big brown eyes.

Elaine Taylor


Natural golden blonde is ELAINE TAYLOR and you remember that story about the three bears, of course? You know, how Goldilocks went and ate up their porridge?

Elaine doesn’t eat porridge and she doesn’t actually know any bears— not by name, anyway— but if they ever made a film about it, she’d walk the audition.

Some berk is bound to hop in here with the comment that Goldilocks was only a little girl.

In which case, he’d be a completely hopeless berk if he couldn’t see a grown-up Goldilocks would be an absolute whizz.

Elaine lives in Cardiff, and when the Welsh are independent perhaps they’ll put Elaine on their standards instead of the dragon. Then we’d all fly a Welsh standard.

Mary Graham

Merry Mary

Girl with the bright smile is MARY GRAHAM, introduced to us by our Scottish photographer as one more bonny beauty from North of the Border. If ever we decide to emigrate we know for sure which direction we'll take. We shan't go as far as Greenland, for the Eskimo girls are too wrapped up in their igloos.

Just North of Edinburgh will be far enough. Not the least of the good things which originate in Scotland is the cute appeal of Scottish girls, and we’re all for appeal as cute as merry Mary’s.