Kathy Jenkins

Well To Cut a Mini-Story Short

Yes, we don't want to go on at length about the mini-wear of KATHY JENKINS We just want to give you the brief details.

Kathy is a devoted fan of the mini and she was modelling her latest outfits in the green and brown woodland glade when a rabbit dashed by, followed a few seconds later by another.

“What was all that about?" asked Kathy.

“What a question," said the photographer. "Well, first of all I'd better tell you about the birds and the bees."

So, he began to expound, but he hadn’t got very far before everything went all dark. Kathy had hit him over the head with a small tree.

A girl just doesn't like being made a fool of.

Carole Marsden

How’s Your Temperature

Only a few months ago CAROLE MARSDEN was a nurse, brisk, bright and beautiful.

It was always dreamy to have her ask, “How’s your temperature?’’

And it was always on the cards that the man with the broken leg would answer. “I think it’s gone over the top.’’

Alas, the patients woke up one day to find those sweet confrontations with Nurse Marsden were over, for Nurse Marsden had left to become a model.

Carole transferred from Yorkshire to London, where she now lives and works. For escapism, she turns to music, both pop and classical. She’s also very fond of animals and will often take a neighbour’s dog for a walk. One day when she’s rich and famous she’s going to buy a penthouse and keep the loveliest little doggie she can find.

Amanda Christian

Say Hello

Say a nice hello to a nice girl—AMANDA CHRISTIAN. Amanda is a honey blonde with big blue eyes and it doesn’t take her any time at all to make men goggle—she’s appeared in colour in BBC 2 documentaries. Ten seconds of Amanda in gorgeous colour and we’re all goggling. She's also a freelance showroom fashion model.

Anne Mattingley

On The Doorstep

ANNE MATTINGLEY is a firm believer in fresh air. So, of course, the first thing she docs when she tumbles out of bed in the morning is to sit on the doorstep and do her breathing exercises.

After she's touched her toes a few times she feels a new girl. What was wrong with the old one? Nothing, as far as we can see. Everything looks in fine shape, at 37-23-38.

Lesley Lovell

Boxer Fan

You might think this means LESLEY LOVELL is dead keen on watching heavyweights commit mayhem.

Not so. It only means that Lesley’s favourite pet is not Billy Walker but her large Boxer dog. How that Siamese cat crept into the picture we don't know. Where’s Bodger the Boxer?

Miserable truth though it is we have to confess Bodger is allergic to cats. They give him the heebie-jeebies. But it doesn’t affect Lesley’s fondness for his funny face. Lesley, by the way, does display work, lives in Middlesex, is a tall blonde with lovely legs and has trim, streamlined vitalistics of 35"-22"-36".

Lisa Linnette

Legging it Downriver

It could be the story of the girl who lost her canoe, but it isn’t, its LISA LINNETTE of Vancouver who just likes a walk along the bank of the river and the occasional rock gives her a chance to rest her feet. It also gives us a chance to sneak up with our camera and show you what lovely legs Lisa has got.

Since Lisa is a dancer she’s bound to have lovely legs, and these allied to her cutely curving chassis of 36-22-36 make this eye-catching Canadian girl look just the kind we’d most like to be lost in the Rockies with.

Well, in that eventuality, it would be nice to know we could ask her to dance.

Margaret Cicek

Put Your Feet Up

After a hard day at the office MARGARET CICEK likes to put her feet up. So, does Alfie Corkwright, he works in an iron foundry and he comes home absolutely beat-up by all those red-hot sparks.

Margaret comes home whacked out by the terrific tempo of electric typewriters.

It’s the same the whole world over.

Evenings are for putting your feet up, especially if you commute and the journey is a fight for survival.

Jackie Murray & Nancy Crawford

Facing the Fact

The fact of the matter is this long underwear is back in vogue after being lost in the midst of the crazy twenties, and JACKIE MURRAY, left, and NANCY CRAWFORD, right, decided there was nothing to do about it but get into the swing of the fashion themselves.

Susan Howard

Please Don’t Make Me Laugh

No, please don't make me laugh, said SUSAN HOWARD, I get all giggly and it won't go away.

I'm learning Esperanto, you see, and you need to be terribly serious about it and concentrate like a girl sticking on her false eyelashes for her most important date.

And then my dad comes along and says something comical and I giggle all over my books and the pages blow apart. He says I ought to get a job as assistant to a TV funny man, he says I’d be just right for that.

I hope you don't mind girls who giggle a lot, do you? Oh, thank you. You're a very sweet photographer. Oh, no, don't start making funny faces or I'll get all hysterical.

I’m sorry, I just thought you were, I didn't realise your face was always like that.

Sally Peters

In the Middle of the Jungle

This is a wild nature story

Well then, dead in the middle of the jungle was an Edwardian town house of three storeys. All around it was concrete. It was about half-a-mile from Chelsea and you couldn't see the rest of London for all the bricks. In the charming bedsit on the top floor was an exotic orchid., blooming away despite the jungle.

You could have swiped us semi-conscious with a gardenia window-box when we met the orchid. She was SALLY PETERS. She had never been in a jungle before, she had come from a quiet country town to work as a secretary in London. The hoots of the taxis were like the roars of lions, but Sally was blooming all the same. Well, she had coped with whistling wolves for years, so roaring lions were no problem.

"I could eat them for breakfast," she said.

The first lion-eating orchid of all time.

Helen Du Bois

In Regard to Your Insurance

For a premium you’ll think is quite ridiculous (said the insurance man) you can be covered for any kind of personal accident. Every day people fall off ladders, cartwheel down fire escapes, walk into walls—

Yes, yes, that's all very well said HELEN DU BOIS but how ridiculous is quite ridiculous? I have quite a job to keep up with the cost of living as it is. Being a shorthand-typist does not exactly cover me for tripping off to Davos in the winter and Cannes in the summer, and I can't even buy all the clothes I'd like. So how I can afford more insurance, however ridiculous the premium is, I really don't know.

Oh, my dear young lady, I can assure you it would scarcely raise a rattle in your purse. And what you must consider is not whether you can afford it but whether you can’t—

I've already considered that. What I’m considering now is how often I fall off ladders, tumble down fire escapes and walk into walls. Actually, it was very intriguing the other day. The most heavenly man suddenly appeared as I left the boutique and I was so invigorated by his obviously magnetic vitality that I walked straight into him. We parted the best of friends and he sent round a bunch of flowers. I don’t need to be insured against that. Goodbye, Mr. Pinecrust.

Fifi Martine

But What Will Henri Think?

Ah, said FIFI MARTINE, Paris model, as she modelled the latest ensemble in lingerie a la femme, it is fine for the designers who wish to make the big impact, but what will Henri think?

Henri, of course, is the average Frenchman, of whom the average French girl is passingly fond. They speak the same language for a start.

The designers, said Fifi, say this is what every fashion-conscious Frenchwoman will be wearing at St. Tropez. Ah, it is a point of view most formidable, but it is as well such a fashion is not for the eye because it is so long and I do not think Henri will regard it with the same pleasure as he regards the bikini, no?

Well, you can't deprive any girl of her own opinion and call yourself a democrat. No doubt Fifi suspects the French designers are confused and a little frustrated at the moment, for temporarily they have lost the initiative in the matter of fashion. They don't know whether to ignore Mary Quant or catch up with her. So naturally models like Fifi are becoming confused too. It must be Henri's move.

Elizabeth Gallacher

Nice To Know

Come here, faceache.

I beg your pardon'!

You heard. Listen, cocky, I saw you.

I daresay you did. I ain't the invisible man.

You will be if I catch you at it again. You been looking at my girl. Yeah, I was thinking what a nice bracelet she was wearing. I’d like to get one just like that for my mother. What's her name, by the way? I’d like to introduce myself.

Oh, you would, would you? Why?

Because I'm six feet one and you're only five feet four. Any other questions? No, none. Sorry I called you faceache. Now I know you better I can see I shouldn't have. If you’d really like to meet her then her name's ELIZABETH GALLACHER and she’s extremely nice to know. And see that guy who’s just bought her a drink? He’s six feet three, he’s her brother, and he’s nice to know too. Come on over.

Pardon me, I got a train to catch, I gotta be in the Isle of Man by midnight.

Penny Leigh

Penny For Your Thoughts

If you often have wistful dreams about someone tender, affectionate and absolutely ravishing who would make you blissfully happy without having to go off to a desert island, you're probably on an all-male expedition to the icy wastes of Greenland.

One girl you'll almost certainly dream about as soon as you see these pics of her is PENNY LEIGH.

She's ever so ravishing.

She likes riding, swimming and motorbikes. She can ride a motorbike like fun. Want to go pillion with her?

If so, hang on blissfully or you'll fall off.

Susan Ashford

What a Worker

In a Scottish fashion house SUSAN ASHFORD puts in a hard, creative day's work every day, and you can't stop her vibrantly attacking all kinds of other jobs at week-ends, either.

Makes us feel fragile, she does. The energy of the girl. And she's only twenty-one.

She keeps her car in her garage at home, and she doesn't only like to keep the car gleaming with polish, she likes to keep the garage spotless too. It's incredible. All those lovely week-ends just made for fun and Susan happy with a broom.

Wearing just the bare essentials, as it were, she goes into action. If we had a bloke come round to do a spot of polishing or cleaning for us, he'd be wearing egg-stained dungarees and turn the place upside-down in minutes. Not Susan. With smooth, curvy efficiency, and looking like a shipwrecked sailor's dream of home, she cleans up the garage in no time at all. Talk about how to make a humdrum job look like a floor show at Dick's Nitery.